Some photo's of my time in F1

John Watson’s Hexegon Brabham BT42, 20th July 1974 (my birthday) British Grand Prix, silly hats were all the rage. Photo below same car sits in the garage at the Belgian GP Nivelles.

James Hunt gets ready in his Hesketh 308 at Nivelles Belgium on the12th May 1974

Race engineer and car constructor Alan McCall takes a little light refreshment with James Hunt's mechanic Pat Kay at the Hesketh camp during the 1974 season.

Tyrrell P34 Belguim GP Zolder. Thats me on the Left rear.

Watson’s Brabham leads Merzario in the Iso Marlboro also at

The Token RJ02 of Ian Ashley sits in the paddock at the Osterreichring.

All smiles in the Fittipaldi workshop in Slough 1979, I have got the blue tee shirt on. The car soon wiped the smiles off our faces, it was the disastrous Fittipaldi F6.

The F6 looked fantastic but looks were not enough for this car. The later F6A not only spoilt its looks it didn’t make it any faster.

Moby, Shineyhead, Wingnut and Emo at the first test with the F8 at Snetterton 1980.

P34 test car sits in the Tyrrell workshop in Ockham Surrey

P34 test car

Karl Kempf and I work on Ronnie Peterson’s 6 wheel P34 Tyrrell in 1977. The aluminium box contains the first data logging system in F1.

Karl Kempf and Derek Gardner analise the data in the back of the transporter

Ronnie did not like the P34 but he could make it dance.

Piquet in the Championship winning BT 52 1983

Brabhams always looked good. This is the BT 53 from 1984

Piquet’s Brabham BT54 sits in the workshop at Chessington. This car with its BMW turbocharged engine could produce over 1000 BHP



Charlie Whiting and Harvey Spencer look pleased as they work on the first ill fated BT55 in 1986.

The first lowline BT55 is loaded at the factory for the first test, things were about to take a nosedive.

Gordons open letter in 1986

The BT56 sits in the workshop.The car was not a big success but it sure looked the business.

Me with Mark Bora at Monza in 1990.

Always a worrying time even today. Will the nose pass the crash test?
This one is the BT 60 in 1991, it did !

This is the last photo of the Brabham team taken at the Chessington factory in 1991. Shortly after the team was broken up and we all went our separate ways. A sad end to a truly great team.