some other cars that I have worked on

In the workshop at GRD with Ikuzawa's 2 litre sports car 1972.
Tetsu is sitting in the car sorting out the mirrors.

I came across this photo on Chris Vignolesís web site. I cannot remember the photo being taken but thatís Chris on the left, I think he was the production manager. Iím in the centre but unfortunately I canít Identify whoís on the right. The car is decked out with Ikuzawaís sponsors so it must be the same car that Iím leaning on in the photo above.

GRDs workshop Griston Norfork

GRDs workshops 1972

One of the Chevrons at Montjuich Park 1973

Brabham Alfa 164 Procar BT 57 1988

This car reached 215 MPH on the pit straight at Monza '

Brabham wind tunnel with Alfa Pro car

The V10 Alfa engine sounded fantastic†

This pen and ink drawing is of the Thrust SSC car under construction at the G Force factory Fontwell West Sussex in 1995. As you can see from the illustration the car has outgrown the factory. This prompted the move to a larger unit at Farnborough for the final assembly. In the foreground is Mike Lowman adjusting the welding plant while Mike Horne makes adjustments to the nose. RAF pilot Andy Green took the car to a new world land speed record of 763.035 mph (Mack 1.0175) at the Black Rock desert Nevada.

G Force Director James Morton kneeling and Mike Horne work on one of the two massive Rolls Royce Spey engines that gave 25000 pounds of thrust each.

The massive Thrust SSC chassis sits outside the G Force workshop in 1995. As you can see weight was not an issue with this project. The tubes at the rear were for the two Parachutes one being a reserve.

Thrust SSC

Ford Indigo

Yamaha OX99-11 sits in front ofthe Autoclave at the Ypsilon factory Milton Keynes 1992

The V6 prototype and the V12 engine

Goodwood 2002. With an old frend from my days at Tyrrell, Paul Lanzante

At Le Mans 2006 with Team Modena's Aston Martin DBR9

Team Manager Kerry Adams and Technical Director Sergio Rinland

Nelson Piquet Jnr

The Caterham I built in 2000

230+ BHP Swindon Vauxhall 16V XE with dry sump Weber throttle bodyís and Webcom Alpha Engine Management.This was a seriously fast car.

This is my latest passion but it is a very time consuming and unforgiving pastime. This photo was taken on the 24/01/03 my first solo. Itís a day you never forget, the biggest adrenaline rush you will ever get.

My new toy. Lotus Elan S3 1968

Latest toy a 1967 CB77