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 'First test Motul M1 1973 Goodwood


Paul Goy first test Goodwood



'Factory at Feltham


                  Steve Polock,Wingnut ,Pau


           Tim Schenken, JP Jassaue and Ray Jessop


' e


                   Preston Anderson


                      Chris Lewis Bernie Wack


               'First M1 at the Forge Old  Windsor 




                             Jim Rose



        'First test Motul M1 1973 Goodwood




                     Goodwood 1973 Test



              Motul M1 First test Goodwood


   JP Jassaue Hockenhime with  Paul Goy adjusting the front rolebar PatKay on jack, Bernie Wack and Jon Wingnut Greaves next to rear wing Ron Dennis is standing to the right



                                                                           Goodwood test 


                                                       Bob at PAU