If you have any unusual and interesting photos in the pit lane and people involved in motor sport could you e-mail them to me. I would love to include them here. jon@jongreaves.biz

This photo is a special request for Dave Luff. It was taken outside 20 Burfield Road in the early 70ís In the photo starting from the left is a German mechanic who worked at Surtees I think his name was Gert his girlfriend is next to him. My girlfriend at the time Debby is next and standing is Chas Dodd (Surtees). The two bikes are a Kawasaki Z1 belonging to Dave Luff and the Honda CB 77 belonging to myself, it was a great bike, I wish I still had it!

Photo sent by my old frend Keith Leighton, at the time of this photo Keith and I were sharing a flat in Attleborough Norfork. Hair style and tashe are very much of the time.

More photos from Jutta Fausel. The first two are from Vallelunga Roma 1971.I still have the watch but unfortuneatley not the hair or waist.


This photo was taken at the F2 race at Jarama Madrid on the 16th May 1971. Beuttler sits in the car checking the tyre temperature slip handid to him by the Firestone engineer. Peter Briggs with his back to the camera is talking to me as I fiddle with somthing at the back.

This photo of Mike and myself is at Interlagos during the Torneio series, note the Firestone YB11 tyres Although we were running slicks in F2 at this time Firestone could not support slicks for this series so we had to revert back to the YB11.

This photo was sent by Anne Lemercier (Mike Beuttlers girlfriend) it was taken at the F2 race at Albi on the 26th September 1971 in the photo are Anne Lemercier, Mike Beuttler, Dieter Quester, Niki Lauda and Wilson Fittipaldi. They werenít so happy after the race, none of them managed to finish.

This is another photo sent by Anne Lemercier with Mike in the paddock at Albi.

Mike Beuttlerís girlfriend, Anne Lemercier, and I check Mikeís lap times during the South American F2 Torneio series. The Torneio was a non championship 4 race series that started at the end of the European championship in 1971. There were two races at Interlagos Brazil, one at Porto Allegre Brazil and one at Cordoba Argentina.The series was abandoned in 1974 after the race organisers were killed in the Paris air crash when a cargo door came off a DC 10 killing 345 people.

This photo of Sir Jackie Stewart with a group of ex Tyrrell mechanics was taken at the Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust reunion at Brooklands 19th September 2007. The Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust was formed in 1987 by Sir Jackie to offer help and support to mechanics and their families in times of hardship. This yearís event was supported by Mercedes Benz and held at their new facility inside the Brooklands circuit.

March fabricator Dave Buller and Ronnie Petersons mechanic Keith Leighton (looking cool in the shades) wait in the Nurburgring paddock 5th May 1971.March team manager Pete Briggs is in the background with his foot on a wheel. Ronnie sitting in the car got fastest lap at 7 min 57.1 but crashed and DNF. I think thatís me in the blue overalls holding the coat .

A young Martin Brundle in deep decision with Sergio Rinland ( Shades) and Bruce Macintosh in 1988

This photo was sent by Philip Vogel who is writing a book on the life of Mike Beuttler. The car is on the old track of Rouen les Essarts.

Photo of GRD 20S73-073 sent by Philipp Demeyer of Belgium

This is my Caterham in 2007 it has moved to France and has been heaviley modified, the french call it the "Warrior look"